• * Breathable Polypropylene Non Woven fabric bond with 3 ply
  • * MFabric weight – 25 GSM
  • * Standard high performance with maximum filtration
  • * Certification by Bangladesh DGDA Approved. NOC No: DA/27-658/2020/421. Complies to BS EN 14126 (barrier to infective a agents )
How to buy
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Key Features

  • 3ply pleated design
  • High performance filtering material is melt blown with excellent barrier properties
  • Fluid resistant
  • Soft & Non irritating
  • Flat elastic of 2.5mm made of spandex that fits snugly around the ears
  • Plastic nose wire of 3mm made of PE
  • Color - Blue & can be customized

Size & Packaging

  • Size : 170 to 175 mm for adult size
  • 50 pcs per box & individually packed

Storage & Disposal:

  • Keep in a dry & clean place & in original packaging
  • Keep away from direct sunlight, source of high temperature & solvent vapors
  • Ideal storage temp 30-35 Degree Centigrade
  • Shelf life is 5 years
  • Handle disposal with care and in accordance to national regulations

About The Manufacturer

  • BEXIMCO is South Asia’s largest vertically integrated Textiles & Apparel Manufacturer.
  • With 40,000 employees at a 350-acre green campus, BEXIMCO’s production capacity is 350,000 garments per day.
  • BEXIMCO Pharma is Bangladesh’s first US FDA approved pharmaceutical company and exports to more than 50 countries including USA, Canada, Australia and throughout Europe.
  • BEXIMCO PPE supplies a range of PPE including medical scrubs, disposable gowns, caps, shoe covers and coveralls, antimicrobial bed sheets, pillow covers and curtains.
  • BEXIMCO’s PPE production capacity is up to 500,000 items per day.

DYSIN Test Report for DGDA

Item name:
Surgical Mask

WHO Recommendation as minimum standard:
- MEN 14683 Type IIR performance
- ASTM F 2100 level 2 or level 3 or equivalent
- Fluid resistance at minimum 120 mmHg pressure based on ASTM F1862-07, ISO 22609, or equivalent
- Filtration efficiency: ASTM F2101, EN14683 annex B or equivalent
- Breathability: MIL-M 36945C, EN 14683 annex C, or equivalent

Biosafety Level: Level 2, Level 3, or equivalent

Possible Test Parameters:

Serial No. Test Parameter Test Standard Available Facilities Remarks
1 Splash Resistance ASTM F1862-07, or equivalent No 45 Days
2 Breathing Resistance,Differential Pressure EN 14683:2019, or equivalent No 45 Days
3 Particulate Filtration Efficiency F2299, or equivalent No 45 Days
4 Water Resistance Hydrostatic Test BS EN 13795:2019; AATC 127, or equivalent No 30 Days
5 Test Bacterial Filtration Efficiency * F 2101, or equivalent No * PPE importers must present relevant documents and certification

Instructions for Producers, Importers and Suppliers:

  • All items MUST have product specification sheet;
  • All items Must have SOP to use and to dispose;
  • All items Must be individually packaged;
  • All items Must be latex free (surgical or no-surgical);
  • All surgical items Must be supplied Sterile;
  • All Sterile items Must be packaged in a Sterile facilities.