Enhance Mask

  • * This rugged & durable folding reusable & washable face mask is made from high quality kniited fabric with water repellent antibacterial & soft finish
  • * Mask can be used all year round
  • * Ideal way to protect your mouth and face
  • * The mask is made with stretchable dual ear strap
How to buy
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Key Features

  • It is made of 2 layers to protect health can be used during day to day activities
  • Outer layer is made from high quality CVC Knitted fabric & is water repellent treated
  • The water repellent treatment on the outer layer helps to prevent droplets from outside to inside
  • Inner layer is soft finished for comfort when worn with antibacterial finish for health & hygiene
  • Designed with dual thermo plastic elastomer ear straps for comfortable wear
  • This mask contains no components made from latex

Comfortable & Washable

  • Our 3 ply reusable cloth face mask is soft , comfortable & machine washable
  • We recommend washing after each use and recommend a standard cycle in a washing machine
  • Normal tumble dry is sufficient to properly clean and maintain your reusable face mask

Sizing & Packaging

One size fits all 160 MM 220 MM
  • Individually packed 20 pcs into a Box & 8 boxes to case of 160 pcs


  • Wash your hand with soap & water or rub them with a sanitizer before handling the mask
  • Identify the top side of the mask
  • Position the mask on the face at the level of the nose
  • Hold the mask from outside & place the ear straps around the ears and adjust
  • Lower the bottom of the mask to the chin
  • Once adjusted dont touch the mask with your hands
  • If you need to touch the mask you should wash your hands with soap & water or use sanitizer
  • Removing the mask :- To avoid contamination when removing the mask follow the below steps
    - Remove mask without touching the front of the mask
    - Remove by taking down the ear straps
    - Mask should not be placed in a waiting position under the chin or on the forehead during & after use

Storage & Disposal:

  • Store in original packing away from contaminated areas , dust , sunlight , extreme tempratures , excessive moisture
  • Handle disposal with care & in accordance to national regulation
  • Ideal storage temp 30-40 Degree Centigrade

About The Manufacturer

  • BEXIMCO is South Asia’s largest vertically integrated Textiles & Apparel Manufacturer.
  • With 40,000 employees at a 350-acre green campus, BEXIMCO’s production capacity is 350,000 garments per day.
  • BEXIMCO Pharma is Bangladesh’s first US FDA approved pharmaceutical company and exports to more than 50 countries including USA, Canada, Australia and throughout Europe.
  • BEXIMCO PPE supplies a range of PPE including medical scrubs, disposable gowns, caps, shoe covers and coveralls, antimicrobial bed sheets, pillow covers and curtains.
  • BEXIMCO’s PPE production capacity is up to 500,000 items per day.